Lone Wolf AR
Post has published by Mark Dodson

World’s First Augmented Reality Roleplaying Game

Get ready to battle AR characters across the world!

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The Characters

“I’m sure my dad would be excited to see his creations leap off the page into the real world like this. Gamebooks were the cutting-edge interactive technology of their day, and his world of Magnamund and the epic story of Lone Wolf are so enormous and rich in detail; it’s great to see the universe of Aon explored in new mediums. ” 

Ben Dever

Fantasy Universe

Befriend wizards, fight monsters, develop skills, learn magic and solve puzzles while progressing on your path to becoming a Kai Lord.

Your World

Travel between the real and virtual worlds while exploring both indoors and outside.

Immersive Experience

State of the art tech and graphics plus Lone Wolf’s iconic universe creates enthralling gameplay.