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We are seeking a party of adventurers like you to join us on an epic quest – to bring the high-fantasy world of Magnamund and the Kai Lords into your neighborhood using AR on your mobile phone.

Building on the heritage of the 29 Lone Wolf ‘Choose Your Own Path’ books written by Joe Dever, his son Ben and VisionizAR are using the latest AR and location technology so you can get up off the sofa and walk in the real world to decide the outcome of each encounter, defeat monsters and gather treasure for your Homestead.
  • Discover adventure on your doorstep and choose your own path
  • See and fight Monsters in AR Mode
  • Collaborate with other players to overcome epic ‘Boss’ enemies
  • Fight for your faction and protect your territory
This game builds on other location-based experiences like Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive so players can find missions and encounters; then we add stories of high adventure and a ‘choose your path’ style of play to bring you a true sense of adventure. 
We want to do something special that really delivers a great fantasy experience where your choices matter and where you feel you are the hero of your own story.  But we are an Indie game development studio so we need help from you and other lovers of fantasy games to bring the game to the real world.
“I’m sure my dad would be excited to see his creations leap off the page into the real world like this. Gamebooks were the cutting-edge interactive technology of their day, and his world of Magnamund and the epic story of Lone Wolf are so enormous and rich in detail; it’s great to see the universe of Aon explored in new mediums. ” Ben Dever
“It’s a childhood dream come true to be working with such a beloved fantasy series alongside Ben. Like many children at the time, I found Lone Wolf captivating and it truly was a forerunner to modern-day interactive adventures,” Rene Batsford, VisionizAR co-founder and Chief Visioneer.
We believe the game has amazing potential – we released a demo of what we are doing for fans of the Lone Wolf series – here is what people have said about the project:
We have already made a great start with the demo we made last year which showed the systems for fighting, firing arrows and even solving puzzles. However, now we need to expand on that to make a fully playable game. A game that gives you that feeling when you embark on a quest in an RPG like Skyrim or DragonAge BUT where you play in the real world.