Lone Wolf AR


Post has published by Mark Dodson

Lone Wolf Augmented Reality.

For Lucca, we set or unlock outdoor locations on the in-game map, allowing you to progress from one encounter location to another.  We have developed a technology that will allow you to play both indoors and outdoors (dependant on the game mode) – almost anywhere you like.

Lone Wolf Augmented Reality is the world’s first augmented reality roleplaying game for outdoor mobile.  Based on the incredible Lone Wolf Fantasy Series created by Joe Dever, it combines combat, skills, magic, puzzle solving, skill progression, branching narrative and much, much more. We are previewing it at Lucca Comic and Games Festival October 31-November 4 2018.  The full game will contain multiplayer capabilities along with a whole host of other modes, mechanics and features and of course the rich, detailed universe of Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf Augmented Reality will be available to download from the App store for Apple Devices and Google Play Store for Android devices (see “What does Lone Wolf AR play on?”)

Lone Wolf Augmented Reality is currently in Alpha and we are unveiling it at Lucca Comic and Games Festival in Lucca, Italy from October 31st 2018.  You will be able to download it, however, for now you will only be able to play it in specific locations.  Register to our newsletter to keep up to date with where you can play. 

We plan on testing and developing Lone Wolf AR and are looking to release it later in 2019.  We will keep you updated on exactly when.

Lone Wolf AR is played using a mobile smart phone and it can be played on more modern tablets as well, providing the devices run ArKit (iOS) or ARcore (Android)

Here is a list of the current compatible devices that will allow you to play the game: