VisionizAR Launches Kickstarter for Lone Wolf AR Mobile Fantasy RPG

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Campaign to Make Joe Dever’s Classic ‘Choose Your Own Path’ Series Come to Life; Offers Exclusive Content and Other Rewards

LONDON: Tuesday, AUGUST 8, 2019 – London-based game developer VisionizAR today launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund the completion of its location-based mobile AR high fantasy role-playing game based on the popular Lone Wolf ‘Choose Your Own Path’ book series.

The Lone Wolf AR campaign is seeking to raise $45,000 to continue development of its current demo into a fully playable game, with stretch goals to add additional content. Depending on the tier and stretch goals met, backers can receive a range of rewards from exclusive Founder and Faction tags and skins, to actual 3D Giak miniatures, LARP-ing swords, concept art or “making of” book, or even designing their own monster.

Poised to be the first-ever mobile AR RPG game, Lone Wolf AR combines existing mapping and geo-tagging technologies with augmented reality. Playing as characters based on those from the original book series, the high fantasy land of Magnamund comes to life though puzzles, quests, monsters and boss-fights in the real world – all fueled by narrative choices, creating a new twist on live-action role-playing. Players will be able to find adventure on their doorstep and choose where the game will take them.

VisionizAR is working with Ben Dever, son of the late author, Joe Dever. Ben is currently co-writing three new books in the series based on his father’s detailed notes, to ensure that the game truly captures the spirit of the books  First published in 1984, the original series of 29 gamebooks have been translated into 13 languages and have sold more than 9 Million copies worldwide. Inspired by classic medieval texts, the books follow the adventures of Lone Wolf, the last of his caste of warrior monks known as the Kai Lords.

“The world of Magnamund and Lone Wolf are so enormous and richly detailed, and it’s great to see that all come to live in an entirely new way,” said Ben Dever. “I wish my dad could see his creations leap off the page into the real world via a location-based AR game.”

Adam Kulick and Rene Batsford, VisionizAR co-founders said: “As Lone Wolf, gamebook and RPG fans, we love working with Ben and the team of Vincent Lazarri, Alberto Dal Lago and August Hahn.The wonderful detail and inherent interactivity of the Lone Wolf universe make the books perfect for adaptation to the exciting medium of geo-located AR.”

Currently, Lone Wolf AR is targeting a 2020 release on iOS and Android phones and tablets. To follow the game’s progress, please visit or follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About VisionizAR

VisionizAR, formed in 2017, has been developing Augmented Reality Experiences to enable single and multi-player fantasy-based adventures using mobile technology and combining branching narrative.  Uniquely, VisionizAR allows players to set where they want to play their adventures, “Turning your world into an adventure”. VisionizAR acquired the Lone Wolf (Joe Dever) license to bring the world of Lone Wolf to Augmented Reality Roleplaying in 2020/21. Headquartered in London, VisionizAR is a privately held company, funded by private investors.


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